外側/cotton 100%    内側/silk 100% 伸縮糸/polyester polyurethane
      23−25cmのみ 踵から履き口までの長さ43cm
      製作 /奈良県
This is a two-piece sock made by combining a silk sock and a cotton sock into a single piece. One sock is as thick as two, and the combination of silk and cotton’s moisture absorbing, moisture releasing, and heat retaining properties will keep your feet dry and comfortable. The ankles are specially knitted to prevent slippage and provide a gentle fit. The ankle portion is specially knitted to prevent slippage, and the soft texture makes it ideal for layering over the five-toe socks “ashi no hadagi”. This is the only long length Glückund Gute. Recommended for those who prefer long socks. It takes a long time to make these socks because they are made by joining both silk and cotton socks (about three socks per hour).
outer /cotton 100%  inner/silk 100% under thread/polyester polyurethane
       size / 23-25cm only     Length from heel to toe 43cm
      Manufactured in Nara, Japan
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